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Sprint Nextel USHCC Corporation of the Year,

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), the largest and most influential advocate for Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, is pleased to announce Sprint Nextel will receive the President’s Award as the 2006 USHCC “Corporation of the Year,” the highest corporate award bestowed to any company by the USHCC. The President’s Award will be presented to the Sprint Nextel President and CEO, Gary Forsee, at a special awards gala during its 27th Annual National Convention and Business Expo on Sept. 23, 2006 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

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A Real Estate Business Niches

In a slow market, finding the right niche can spell the difference between success and failure in the real estate business. In many areas, there's enough opportunity for a real estate pro to carve out a specialty that is narrow enough to demand expertise yet broad enough to offer plenty of business opportunity.

Some provide services and selling homes, find contractors, landscapers, art and whatever the buyers needs.

"A Real Estate Business Niches"

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The Brand DNA Identity

Before the Brand: Creating the Unique DNA of an Enduring Brand Identity (Paperback) Amazon

How to create a relevant, distinctive brand identity

Before you start building a brand through advertising, marketing, and public relations, you had better know the difference between identity and image in order to establish an effective, enduring brand identity—a verbal, visual, and experiential formula that bestows credibility and attracts attention. Before the Brand is a crash course in brand identity basics that describes successful long-term strategies for creating and refocusing brand identities for all types of companies, products, services, and technologies.

Knowing one’s true identity makes it easier to speak the right message to intended audiences and allows for a strong, consistent, relevant, and differentiated brand. This persuasive primer is packed with case studies that glance into the identities of such premier brands as Nutrasweet, Intel, Gatorade, FedEx, and many more. It introduces the controllable elements of brand identity—positioning strategy, brand name, nomenclature, tag line, logo, and more—and shows marketers how to:

* Develop simple, flexible positioning strategies
* Create a brand name that hits home with your market
* Create a dynamic, visual brand personality
* Reinforce the brand identity through messaging
* Leverage identity opportunities through cobranding and other formulas

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Ron Estrada USHCC Marketing VP

HISPANIC PR - The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), the largest and most influential advocate for the two million Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, is pleased to announce the addition of Ron Estrada to its national office as the Vice President of Marketing.

"Ron Estrada USHCC Marketing VP"

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Empleo para Profesionales Hispanos

Phoenix/EFE — El aumento de la población hispana en Arizona, como en el resto de los Estados Unidos, ha incrementado el interés de las empresas en reclutar a profesionales hispanos que entiendan ambas culturas.

"Empleo para Profesionales Hispanos"

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Starting a Franchise Business

Leading the pack, the number of fast-food franchise businesses jumped 67 percent from 2003 to 2005, the International Franchise Association (IFA) and franchising research firm FRANdata said in a joint report.

"Starting a Franchise Business"

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Small to Medium Sized Business Advertising

A survey of small- to medium-sized business (SMB) customers conducted by DirectoryM, the premier local online advertising network specializing in helping businesses find local customers through targeted online advertising, reveals that more than 52 percent of SMBs' total advertising budgets are now being allocated to online advertising, with 37 percent of SMBs planning to increase their online advertising spending in 2006.

"Small to Medium Sized Business Advertising"

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Mortgages en Espanol

Hipotecas para Comprar una casa en California Nueva Jersey Hipotecas Nueva York Connecticut Bienes Raices Comprar Casas Refinanciar Tipos de Hipotecas Home Mortgage Refinancing Latino Real Estate Hipoteca Prestamos

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Spanish Mortgage Web Sites


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ATT eliminara 10,000 empleos

AT&T Inc. eliminará unos 10.000 empleos, la mayoría por desgaste, si concreta sus planes de adquirir BellSouth Corp. en 67.000 millones de dólares, dijo el lunes el jefe de los servicios financieros de la empresa.

"ATT eliminara 10,000 empleos"

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Latino Entrepreneurs Hispanic Study

(CNN/Money) - Entrepreneurship in the U.S. has remained relatively constant over the past 10 years and is highest among immigrants and Latinos, according to a study published Thursday. Study: 550,000 businesses created per month; entrepreneurship highest among immigrants, Latinos.

The study, sponsored by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, showed that the number of small businesses in the U.S. grew by 550,000 per month from 1996 to 2004, despite swings in the economy.

Robert W. Fairlie of the University of California, Santa Cruz, who drew on Census data and Bureau of Labor Statistics for the study, also reported that Latinos have a higher rate of entrepreneurship than white, non-Latinos.

The study also found that the average rate of entrepreneurship was higher for immigrants than native U.S. residents. Approximately 0.46 percent of immigrants were considered entrepreneurs while only 0.35 percent of native-born went into business for themselves.

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A Brands First Impression

How much do you depend on the Internet? Sales, Lead Generation, Readers or Visitors. As I enter fiscal 2006, I'm reflecting on our 2005 progress. To answer the question above, I guess we all use the internet for all the reasons listed above and MUCHO MAS! Small Business Advertising

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Deciding on Reserach and Development

eVentrures - Few companies now operate big in-house R&D facilities like the famous Bell Labs or Xerox PARC. Instead, they rely on start-ups to drive a lot of innovation. When a start-up develops a critical product or technology, large firms seek to acquire it. Innovation through Acquisitions

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About Holiday Internet Shoppers

Gavin O'Malley - MORE THAN EIGHT OUT OF 10 holiday shoppers--83 percent--said they would shop for holiday gifts online, and a similar number, 80 percent, said they are likely to purchase gifts online from small businesses, said a survey commissioned by Yahoo! Small Business and conducted by Harris Interactive. Nearly a third--30 percent--of holiday shoppers polled said they will do at least half of their holiday shopping online. In addition, nearly two-thirds of holiday shoppers--63 percent--said online specialty or 'niche' retailers are the "best places" to shop for unusual or hard-to-find gifts. The nationwide survey of 1,813 U.S. online adults who plan to do holiday gift shopping was conducted in late October.

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Contactos de Camaras de Comercio Hispanas

José A. Aguerri, President - Federacion de Camaras de Comercio de Centro America - FECAMCO
Edgardo Wagner Durán, President - Camara de Comercio de Guatemala
Carlos Federspiel Pinto, Presidente - Camara de Comercio de Costa Rica
Elena Maria Alfaro, Presidenta - Camara de Comercio de El Salvador
Carmen Cordova, Gerente General - Camara de Comercio de Nicaragua.
José Ramón Varela C. Director Ejecutivo - Camara de Comercio de of Panamá
Arturo Vasquez, President - Camara de Comercio de Belize
Andres Lopez Valderrama, Executive Vice President - Camara de Comercio de Bogota-Colombia
Milagros J. Puello, Executive Director - Camara de Comercio de Sto Domingo, DR
Amilcar Bulnes, President - Camara de Comercio de Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Host Chamber - Los Angeles Metropolitan Hispanic Chambers of Commerce

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Conferencia Matchmaker 2005

La Conferencia y Expo Matchmaker que sirve como conducto para que negocios pequeños y de minoría se encuentren y formen relaciones con agencias gubernamentales de Florida y corporaciones grandes, ocurrirá el 16 a 18 de Noviembre en el Orange County Convention Center en Orlando.

"Conferencia Matchmaker 2005"

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Consolidar Deudas Credito

Temas acerca de Como Mejorar Credito Consolidar Deudas

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Ford's Mi Negocio Small Business Contest AOL Latino

HISPANIC PR - Today Ford Motor Company and AOL Latino revealed the Top 5 finalists for El Visionario (“The Visionary”), the online Spanish language contest for small business owners. The five entrepreneurs were recognized by Ford and AOL Latino executives, celebrities, business and community leaders at the event, and will now rely on the public’s online votes to determine the grand prize winner.

"Ford's Mi Negocio Small Business Contest AOL Latino"

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Tipos de Seguros Comerciales

El seguro comercial protege el contenido de su negocio contra incendios, robos y otras pérdidas de la forma en que lo hace el seguro de su casa. Lo más prudente para cualquier negocio es comprar varios tipos de seguros básicos. La ley requiere algunos tipos de cobertura de seguro, otras clases de seguros sencillamente son sensatos, hablando comercialmente. Tipos de Seguros Comerciales

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Mobile Phone Affiliate Program

Mobile Phone Affiliate Programs

*** Mobile phone users may be receptive to relevant advertising, if done correctly. That's according to a report called "Mobile Advertising, Brands and Affinity Marketing" from research firm InStat.

Hmmm... What about a Mobile Phone Affiliate Program

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